Qiqi got a 表妹

On 26 apr , Alicia got a cousin liao.

Candice Lee

Weighing 3.11kg she is perfectly healthy and cute. Sharing the happy CL family.

Congrats to them!

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I poo poo at the toilet bowl

I have finally learn how to poo poo at the toilet.

To you may not be a big deal but to me its a big archievement cause i always had to stand at the sofa and poo poo at my diaper

When mummy heard something drop to the water she was so happy for me cause i had a hard time understand how to poo at the toilet bowl all this while. It was really like a big archievement

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Alicia updates

Its been 2 weeks alicia is with auntie sutika. So far ok and alicia starting to accept her. To let us have a pc of mind we recently add on an additional dlink ip camera which we can check via iphone and internet which really helps a lot. Sm candid pics of them.

This add on camera really help us a lot and save a lot cause its a one time charge which us great! Who wants to monitor for me drop me a sms ok but only open to inner relatives and with hubby approval. Haha wait can see we dig nose... Lolz.

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