Mummy saw in one of her forum frens blog and decided to try. I tried my best but my nose is too itchy......kekekeke....

Do take note I can speak really very soft so u have to on the speaker louder to hear me (Alicia) taking.


Really like this photo so just add it in. Me and mummy posing~

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is daddy birthday and we went to celebrate and designed a cake together with him.

It was much fun to design the cake,got a really small cake and was provided all kinds of color icing and made this messy cake but it was so delicious~ shd have bot a bigger one and can design more things.

Our scary kena lava cake.

Lastly. WANA SAY


Happy Mother's Day

This is definitely not written by Alicia but its colored by her. The teacher just combined the stuffs together and made a head ring for me. It was pretty surprising when i went to fetch her. She was running to me when she saw me and say "mummy,mummy,mummy" and gave me the ring. I was so touched and happy cause it was the first present from her. Although it definitely was not make by her but the flower was colored by her which makes me value this present so much. My first present from Alicia and I can imagine when she gets older she will draw pictures and give to me in the future. I really cant wait for her to grow up!

While, since home is starting to short of money I have no choice but to return back to workforce and lucky for me my 2nd job interview I got the job. Next Monday will be going back to work and I really don bear to go back to working life. I make use of this few days and settle down alicia. She got her uniform and starting to wear liao, her timing for sleeping is right already, she is eating more than previously, she becomes more active recently and can more conversational than previously. "Eg: last time she cry for me now she calls for me". I really will miss fetching her cause now daddy will hav to fetch her,miss seeing her running around during the outdoor activities where I peep and see whats she's doing and so worried she will scared when i go to work and I cant be there for her already.

Can only trust the teachers that she is settled down liao and hope soon gradually she starts to express herself then she can tell me what happens in school. Pray hard she enjoys school and cry lesser every day.

Jumping Alicia

Just wana add in this video clip from yesterday. Alicia and her friends jumping. Alicia now learning to jump. Find the video very cute.

Alicia School Day 2

Today is not so good for Alicia. All was well actually, she had her breaskfast at school,woke up early and more alert then yesterdae cause now she can sleep at 10pm liao instead of last time 12am. Only when she went to Assembly, I had to leave her and she dont want and cry. Poor Alicia. Teacher suggest I should leave cause if she sees me she wants me. I went out and peep and true enough the teachers try to distract her and she back to ok self.

The outdoor activities was the best for Alicia. She loves the outdoor activity and once she goes out the sucking tutu Alicia with her smelly pillow is back to her normal self running around. Seeing her bac to her happy self, I decided can go back home. Guess tomoro must try to cheat her and leave asap when she dont see me.

Alicia First Day of School

Just to add in some photos and what happen during the First Day of school.

Alicia School's Bag

Woke Up and Reach School at 8am. Alicia didnt eat breakfast and milo was a bit blur to see so many Jei Jei and Kor Kors around her. Luckily she had milk during 6am so not so bad she would be hungry. Went for assembly. It was pretty fun as they sing the National Day Song, The Pledge in English and Mandarin, Do exercise and sing Itsy Winsy Spider, Head Shoulders Knee and Toes, Chicken Song etc etc...

Alicia is 2nd in line and the Jei jeis are very nice to her.

Say the pledge

After which, she saw mummy and cry so I had to run off and hide and the teacher pacify her and she was ok again.

Decided to leave the School and peep from outside before going for breakfast. They went back to their seats and had some water. The Kor Kor even help Alicia to take the water bottle for her.

Around 9.30am, went back and saw Alicia and her classmates playing outside a block happily, manage to take some photos and share with u guys.

Yeah! SO much Fun!

Go bac time!

Went home and later will go and fetch her early. Hope she can adapt to the school, learn more things and have more fun!

Short Malysia Trip

During the May Labour Day, we went to Johor for shopping. Initially wanted to go to KL but due to most of the coach tickets are sold out and worried I cant take the stand the coach long hours, we change our plan to stay in Johor and go for shopping. Well, we went to Plaza Pelangi, Pelangi Leisure Mall, Holiday Plaza, Aeon Bukit Indah, nearby Kota raya and Citysquare.

We had japanese food on the first day and it was really cheap.1/2 price of what we usually eat at Singapore and they taste great. Daddy and Mummy also brot me swimming in the hotel pool and we had lots of fun.

I had to pester Mummy the toy car rides as they were pretty cheap and fanciful moving up and down. They are my favorites.

Finally, mummy and daddy were hungry after a long day and rest to have food.

And after the whole day I knock myself out and fall asleep in the cushion of the restaurant. Sleepyz.....

Will be going to school tomorrow 050509. Tomoro is my Gugu birthday and Bella JeiJei Bday. Hereby wish them a happy birthday.

All my Jei Jei and Kor Kors pray hard I can adapt to the place. I'm going to miss rotting at home with mummy but no choice have to go out and learn something and mummy did to find a job for my milk powder liao. Will update u my first day of school

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