Joy of DSLR

Mummy just got a DSLR camera. It's a pretty low end model costing at $499 only after a discount of $150 from the GSS Sales and instalment of 12 months (Lolz... no money) but its enough to grab the essence of photograph that she wants. When mummy has more money,hopefully she can get a better zoom lens with a powerful aperture.

Speed and Aperture was what mummy was looking for... Taking photos for me has always been a challenge since I was a baby. To grab the sudden smile or happiness and joy, mummy's old camera always ended up blur and couldn't make it. The clarity or effects DSLR provides are amazing .

But having a DSLR doesn't means you get instant results. In the beginning stage,mummy couldn't understand how to work with this camera thus all her photos looks very normal or worse than a normal camera. Luckily there was a free class from Sony and after attending, her pictures will improving day by day and practice makes perfect thus day by day getting more and more satisfying photos. Hopefully will improve and make fully use of the photos.

After getting DSLR is not enough,editing also plays a good part out of it like making the photo to sepia or B&W color,increasing the brightness should it be too dark, contrast,saturation,tone,and even removing pimples to futhur improve the picture. Before After

While mummy is still learning, and hopefully will have more better photos in the future... Yipee!

Happy Daddy's Day

Last Sunday,we went to celebrate Daddy's Day with a nice dinner at Ichiban Boshi and took some photos. we just bought a DSLR Camera and it will be a good opportunity to take some photos together. Last Year this Father's Day we will celebrating in the hospital as last year Alicia got pneumonia and was hospitalised. 1 Year passed and we will glad this 1 year Alicia wasnt hospitalised. Now keep our fingers crossed for the many years to come and Alicia will be asthma free. Now she staying at home free from virus is really good cause it will prevent her from getting sick.

Everyone had a happy day eating and walking around.

Its been long since I talk about Alicia and she been growing so fast.

Some common verse she will say or ask is:
"What Doing? So Many and count how many are they" "Everybody sleeping already"
She loves to do everything on her own and she makes the effort to take her own rice for lunch. brush her own teeth and wear her shorts. She is day trained. She imitates the commercial and she is really scared of the imaginary "Uncle" which we have been using it to trick her behaving herself. She is really scared of the naughty corner which is so much effective then caning her. There is so much to talk about her but I cant finish.Hope everyday is a learning phrase and she will grow to be a useful gal.

Updates of qiqi

Hi! Just some updates of my developments.

Well the obvious one is maybe i really like taking photos and can make many poses.

I am day time potty trained already, although mummy is a bit worry for accidents especially during napping but i am still learning thus its ok to make mistakes.

Mummy understands about 70% of what i am saying now which i am still improving everyday.

I have just got a cousin candice and another one coming soon.

Most importantly. I am growing every single day and i am going to be 3 soon.

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