Its been a long time~~~

Its been such a long time since mummy blog. She actually wrote 2 entries during lunch time one fine day in her iphone. Unfortunately her current company is situated in a location(Tuas) where 3G is very weak and my 2 entries just dissapear after uploading and I gave up as my lunch time was over.
Her current company was pretty good, the users are pretty nice and time fly fast over there and the best part is if she dont need to do overtime, she can easily reach home before 6pm and play with me. Hopefully things will go great and crossing her fingers every day. Nowadays mummy and daddy brings me more often to fly kite and playground which I can spend time with them. Sometimes I would meet Samuel (my neighbour) and we go cycling and play together..
I am also a big jei jei of my 2 cousins now. Time flies fast. I am now talkative and constantly learning very quickly. Soon I will turn 3 years old, wonder how should I celebrate~ Hmm....

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