Preparations for CNY

Its going to be CNY liao and I am prepared to take oranges and go to houses and show the Gong Xi Gong Xi sign. To prepare for CNY, Daddy rented a car from his hard earn savings so we can travel easier without carry so many things as always and fulfill his wish to drive a car.

Mummy and me taking photo but me busy looking at the car.
Me also need to get prepared for CNY so went to cut my hair neat neat. Was sodistracted by the motor car I didnt notice they will cutting my hair.

Lastly me and Garfield wish you all a HAPPY CNY. Going to grab Ang Pow Soon liao~~~

I Am 17Months Old!!!

At 17 Months,

  • I can recognise and call Daddy and Mummy
  • I can recognise and call Gugu (Daddy's sis)
  • slightly longer instruction like "Give this to daddy", Go find daddy, Wash Your Hands"
  • Go to change diaper area if mummy say "change diaper or go pompom(bathe)
  • My teeth suddenly erupt and pop out~I have 16 teeth now!
  • Starts like eating fish,meat and vegetable if they are in small pieces.
  • Do a Hi Five when asked

Hospitalised Again

Sigh! I am hospitalised again. Doctor are very angry that I do not take care my body and get sick every month.

For here, I appeal even if I struggle that I want.

If you love me,


-feed me citrus or cold fruits,cold drinks

-feed me with chocolates,junk food,sweets, biscuits or fried food

-feed me anything that is cooling that will cause me to cough

-feed me anything that can cause me to have phelgm.
i may seems pitiful that I cant enjoy all these but if it can prevent me from having another attack, it will be more beneficial to miss those things.

-if you are having running nose or coughing, pls stay away from me cause once I got infected,my asthma attack will come.

-stay away if u are smoking

Mummy and daddy really hope that I can recover and get out from asthma soon. Doctor says that everytime I have a attack will increase the chance of hurting my lungs thus more prone to have asthma for life.Everyday puffing me with a preventer,mummy and daddy really feel bad for me. I wana be a healthy and active girl so if I dont recover soon from asthma duing my childhood years,it may end up for life.

Mummy full time take care of me~

As per 2009, mummy will be taking care of me full time. I am so happy especially waking up seeing mummy by my side instead of every day wake up in different houses.

With mummy around, mummy taught me and notice I can do the following things liao
1)Know simple instructions like
-Pick Up
-Where's your shoe
-Wear shoe shoe
-Put back
-Dont take
2) Says alphabet A and B
3) Say "No More" and show the expression with my hands after nothing is left
4) Sit on a stool
5) When pple say " Mei mei" when I wear something I will wana wear them.

Alicia's first overseas trip

Mummy and Daddy are dying for a overseas trip and their last trip was 2 years ago eversince their honeymoon and bcox of me, they had to stay in SG. Last time we were supposed to go Ipoh trip but the trip burst as I was hospitalised. So 1 fine day which was last sat, daddy suggest we go JB for shopping and mummy agreed. I finally can make use my passport as I have make mths ago but no usage at all. Even when the immigration guy check on my face they have to look twice cause my face was so young that time.

There was a lot of changes since mummy went there maybe 3-4yrs ago for City Square, we had Kenny Rogers cause worrying I cant eat their local food over there.

We shop for a while till around 5 plus,daddy pursuade mummy to stay overnight as its pretty cheap and its been so long since we gave ourselves a break and enjoy ourselves. So we went to Puteri Pacific and since the rate was still reasonable,we stayed and carry on shopping at Jusco. Bought some last min milk powder,diapers for me and got some super cheap clothings over there for our CNY homewear. Reaching hotel I couldnt sleep and jumping around the bed,daddy and mummy kept scolding me to stop jumping and go to bed.

Early in the morning was awaken by them cause we had to go for breakfast. Sigh I was still so sleepy that I didnt wana wake up but had to followed cause I cant be alone in the room. After breakfast went to the nearby shopping centre to shop for cheap shoes for myself and took some photos.

At last we checkout, went to City Square for some last min shopping I was already exhausted cause so early wake up and went bac to sleep then we went bac SG at 3pm abd finally upon reaching SG, I dozed off and have big nap with mummy at our cozy home.

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