Daddy bday celebration

To celebrate daddy birthday, we celebrate daddy birthday at universal studios.

It was well worth paying as we enjoyed so much especially qiqi. Moreover qiqi is free so we need to take action soon before next time we need to pay for her in the future.

Although there were a few rides we couldnt take together as qiqi is too short, we didnt regret bringing her as she was so happy makes me even happy.

Her giggles and fascinated faces were all worthwhile even if i miss the rides.

Daddy played the jurassic park ride and was all soke wet. Pew luckily we brought clothes along. Everyone jus need a change of clothes

Here are some more photos to share....

Mummy and qiqi signing off.....

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Happy Birthday Kai Cyn

Baby Kaicyn is no longer bb liao. She is like me a toddler ready to explore around. Mummy and me went to attend her birthday together with bella and auntie fen fen.

Over there i had fun playing!

As usual. Iphone nvr fail to attract us. I wan play i phone!!!

Beautiful hello kitty cake for kaicyn

Taking with auntie judy, kaicyn and kaiting

Playing around.....


Happy birthday kaicyn!!!

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Universal studios Singapore

Lately USS launch a after 7pm of $2 tickets to visit the Hollywood part of USS. Since lately mummy work hasnt been smooth and we didnt hv much things to do that day, we went to q for the tickets. The q was still ok. Daddy and mummy took turns to q while the other look arnd. Here r some of the pictures to share.

Strangely unlike other US that mummy and Daddy visit, this globe doesnt move.

There will a few stores that will pretty interesting and definately u wont find in mainland sg

Normal tickets are sold out for the day

While it take 40 min to q, the waiting time was nt so bad and we quickly got out of the q with tickets.

We got in and although we couldnt get in the main park, the hollywood area was pretty fun with shopping and could see it was definately different from the normal attractions SG has.

At the finale, the were fireworks and music and atmosphere was around us. Its just too bad the weather is not cold to enjoy and the surround sound is not strong enuff compared to other USs. But we certainly enjoy our night and will come back again for the main park. Meanwhile signing off with this pic.....


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