As deepavali is approaching, the school did henna for the kids.

And Alicia got herself a pretty flower. :) nice... Mummy never even tried before....

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Withdraw qiqi out of Letterland sch

It is with a heavy heart that in a few hours time, i will be submitting the withdrawl of school for Alicia from her Letterland school.

During alicia toddler years she went to kidzone for childcare but little emphasis was on the education. Most importantly was she was able to learn some discipline and life skills. Unfortunately she kept getting sick and we had to keep her at home which help and now she is almost declared asthma free. We employed sutikah and thing was pretty smooth till nursery 2 this early part of the year we had to put her bac and learn something. She went to pap then first skool but none of them the syllabus i was satisfied as she didnt learn anything at all. Until we decided on Enrichment classroom.

She quickly adapted over there and i cannot disagree the english and math syllabus was very good. Alicia was actually learning way beyond K1 now. She was actually of her future school syllabus.

Sadly the chinese syllabus was pretty weak thus we supplement with tien hsia. Without a doubt all the money was all worth it.

Every Monday we will look forward her taking art and crafts bac and we will paste them on the wall. She made many friends there and she will tell who she played with.

But coming to the end of the year, mummy have to start thinking and decide for Alicia. Sutikah contract is going to end and we will hv to raise her salary. Together with all the rising cost, we could no longer afford the luxury now we have. If we will to even stick on the current situation, mummy is hoping to get another sibling for Alicia and even with a maid, Alicia will still have to be in a childcare as its difficult to handle 2 children at 1 time. By then it will be too late to find Alicia a school as she will be K2 and childcares will be difficult to find.
We just have to make this decision now while there is still a seat for Alicia. Thus we decided to go for Agape just downstairs our house, since alicia was an infant, mummy has always wanted to put alicia in as the syllabus they provide are interesting but it was way too expensive thus we had to travel far just to put her in but after the calculations after 2 years we can afford now as it worth it if she can learn something over there. There will be complimentary enrichment classes provided like abacus, phonics, chinese speech and drama, gym stuff so all of them its pretty worth it.
With is impending change, we will loose sutikah, enrichment classroom and tienhsia. The current method which is working but soon to loose it because of financial problems. To be frank till now my heart is pretty heavy for this decision that i make.

God! Please dont let me make the wrong decision! Please Alicia love this school and make friends. Please let her learn more than what she does now. There is no turning back for us now . Please! Make it work! :(

Lego with qiqi

There was a carnival for Lego and we could play all we can so this is qiqi and daddy creations...

A zoo party or a animal stampede..

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