Jaundice fight

Andre and mummy could discharge on the next day. However Andre wasnt looking the  right color and was deteted Jaundice in the polyclinic the following day. Andre had to go back KK for re-admission.

It was a depressing day for us but we flipped back and cheer for didi to quickly recover and come back home.

Jaundice level:239
Daddy support u ok!
Mummy milk has come in yet and a depressing 5ml but she keep pumping to let it grow asap.
KK sunglasses
Dont forget take a family photo
Mummy squeeze so.much milk for me..
Our jiayou pic for didi

3 days later,Andre was discharged from the hospital and we cheer for him. YIPEE!

Birth Story of Andre Chong En Kiat

On the Sunday morning 05 Jan 2014, mummy woke up noticing her water bag broke. At 35 weeks pregnant only there were chances Andre is premature and has complications. Worrying for the cost, we decided the best is to go to KK hospital instead of TMC in case the cost goes expensive.

Mummy was told baby has to be out within 48 hours and check in the hospital for observation. Mummy had 2 super painful jabs that will mature Andre lungs that is comparable to birth pain. The birth plan was to try naturally for 24 hours and if no news to go for csection on 2nd day to buy more time for Andre.

On around 06 Jan 2014 1plus am, mummy begin to feel contractions at around 10 mins apart and begin to proceed to delivery ward. At 11 am plus the pain was so bad so crazy that mummy decided to get epidural as after so long as she was only 4cm dilated. Finally around 5 plus pm Andre was born naturally with no complications.
We are so happy he is all well and healthy.

First Day of School

It was the first day of Primary 1. Alicia was in high anticipation to go to school bright early. She took school bus and mummy met her there and she get to meet her new classmates. It was a great adventure ahead.

Waking up and waiting for school bus
Reached school
Queing to go up the hall
All recess time

Yawn... so tired
What should i buy?
Getting into my school bus
Yummy burger...

Japan friends come to visit us

During the end of December 2013 we had 2 Japanese friends Yuki and Noriko visited us in Singapore. They were friends of Daddy and Mummy when they visited Japan for a band performance many years back. Now we play host to them in Singapore.

Here are some of the highlights..

Alicia Graduation Party

Time flies so fast in a year and Alicia graduated from her preschool Agape. She had so much fun during the 2 years there and my little preschooler is moving to another milestone of becoming a primary school kid. I am definately proud of her and she had a blast time during her graduation party.
dress for the party
Ms Persis
Her class performance
Hao Laoshi
Hi my last performance im Agape. See I am all smiles.
Finale in the party. After returning home Alicia was in tears as she miss her friends in Agape. It was a bittersweet moment.
Bye Agape.

I almost given up bit here i am.

Almost given up blogging but so many things is going on so its a waste i dont remain it to remember.

So just a few photos. ALICIA is Pri 1 now!

And she got a baby brother. Lets welcome Little Andre!

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