Alicia at her 19 Mths

Being with Alicia for the past 3 mths taking care of her is fun. At 19 mths

  • she learnt quite a lot of things. She becomes more verbal able to copy words that u say.
  • Wave and say Hello when instructed to say to who like she know who is our hamster when we ask her to go to the hamsters and say
  • Say and do sayang when instructed to pat who.
  • Wave and say Bye when instructed to say to who
  • Loves taking toy car rides
  • Know where is tummy
  • Very greedy with bread and junk food
  • When u she ask for milk and u ask "u sure?" she will reply "sure" if its real.
  • She will hold ur hand and bring u to the place that she wana go.
  • She will push u away if she doesnt wan to do the thing u wan her to do
  • She is starting to self wean herself and will choose people to hold the bowl for her.

My Daddy and My Mummy Wedding Video

A little out of topic since not much to blog about me so mummy was showing me her past wedding video remembering the past .Was thinking of putting online after so long. Please do not laugh and enjoy their love story...

Wedding Montage

Morning Highlights.. The front part had to removed due to mushy stuff.. Shy lar~

Our Latest Family Photo

Chong Family and the Pokemons

Bye Bye May Jei Jei ( Our first maid)

For the past 1 mth, we have a new face wandering in our house. She cleans our house and help mummy cook our meals and we go out together. I call her Jei Jei and her name is May. But last Monday she left us liao to go to Denmark to become a Au Pair aka Nanny. We wish her all the best and we will miss her~


Daddy got a car during the weekend and we went to Hay Dairies to see the goats but so sad the barn was not open to public as they are doing some inspections so only manage to see the milking of goats. We brot a lot of goat milk home as they taste quite special and at least not a really wasted trip..

Later on we went to Fish farm and see a lot of fishes. Daddy decided to do some Long Kang fishing while I get jealous seeing daddy playing. So bother mummy with my favorite toy car rides.... See me and daddy inside~

Daddy caught a lot of fish and returning home whenever mummy ask " Fish Fish where?", I will walked to the kitchen and look at the fishes.... Hehehe...

We went swimming~~!

Last Sunday, Daddy, Mummy and May Jei Jei brot me to Jurong West Swimming Complex and it was so much fun! May Jei Jei help us took photos and take care of our huge amount of barnag barand... Initially I was pretty scared cause the water was really cold and I hold onto mummy and daddy really tight~~~ But after a while it was pretty fun as there were swings and the water was really fun to walk on and slowly slowly we adapt and play so much fun at the children area...Later we went to the lazy pool, luckily we went there cause it was much fun the waves push us around and the water was warm and relaxing...We have so much laughter,... And finally after 1 hr plus we think we better go cause its too cold for me to stay too long.. Daddy and Mummy promise we go again~

Some photos although u can see clearly cause mummy camera wasnt able to zoom very far...

Lovely Denyse is born!

Hallo Beautiful Denyse, Welcome to the world like me did 1 1/2 years ago. You are so cute and fragile but soon you would be like me running around irritating our parents. Went to visit Auntie Yongzhen after giving birth to Little Denyse.

Taking with Auntie Huijun and Little Denyse.
Mummy I jealous~!! Can u carry me pls~
Everyone in the picture~!

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