Alicia at her 19 Mths

Being with Alicia for the past 3 mths taking care of her is fun. At 19 mths

  • she learnt quite a lot of things. She becomes more verbal able to copy words that u say.
  • Wave and say Hello when instructed to say to who like she know who is our hamster when we ask her to go to the hamsters and say
  • Say and do sayang when instructed to pat who.
  • Wave and say Bye when instructed to say to who
  • Loves taking toy car rides
  • Know where is tummy
  • Very greedy with bread and junk food
  • When u she ask for milk and u ask "u sure?" she will reply "sure" if its real.
  • She will hold ur hand and bring u to the place that she wana go.
  • She will push u away if she doesnt wan to do the thing u wan her to do
  • She is starting to self wean herself and will choose people to hold the bowl for her.

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