Trip to Health Zone

Mummy and Daddy specially took leave to bring Alicia to the first excursion trip.

Line up!! And wait..

Finally reach health zone.

Sit down and watch seminar first..

Lining to take a group photo with moo moo the cow.


Playground time.

This is the food of pyramid!

I wanna play!

So big teeth!

What is that?

This is how you go to the dentist...

What is teacher kaiting doing???


I had so much fun!!!

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Bubble Girl

We happened to pass by an amusement park near east coast and Alicia was facinated by the bubble ride and we decided to let her give a try.

Put in air!

In we go!!!


Haha!! Arghh!!!

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Easter Egg Artwork

We were given a task to complete as a family from Alicia's preschool. That is to guide her to paint and decorate and easter egg provided by the school and send a fully decorated picture with the process what we have done.

Took some fake photos of mummy and daddy teaching her where to color.

It was pretty funny actually.

Especially mummy start making funny faces when we are taking the photos..

And we had to hold the camera and try to take the photo.

And take a group photo with the finished egg.

And the poster to submit to school..

Proudly display it at school.

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Painting with water and poster colors

Little Alicia really loves to do art and craft.


So to built and satisfy her interest,We bought water color for her and she painted her first water color drawing all by herself.

Then we went to more advanced level and tried poster color and made hand prints drawings.

My red hand

and our family hand print works..

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First Agape Tea Party

Every term alicia's childcare will invite the parents and see their children progress and this is the first time we participate the tea party.

We get to see Alicia artwork

Her rabbit hat..

A video of her progress during the term and her class performance. Below are some pics

They sang 幸福 and I am a little tortise

She is starting to like going to school. Hope she enjoy and like every little bit of it always.

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First Dental Appt

During the hong kong trip, to pacify alicia whenever she throw a tantrum waiting during the long queues, we prepared a lot of sweets and junkfood. But in the end after a lot of sweet stuff, she got a toothache so we decided its time to bring her to the dentist when we are back in Sg.

It was located at citysquare. The place where she have her chinese class.

When we reached there, the parents was serve with milo and u get to use a premium massage chair.

The dental room have bears, pretty designed with wall paper and a tv to distract the kiddos.

It was so good that even mummy and daddy was so worried it will be expensive...

At the end of the session, alicia didnt want to leave as she was watching the cartoon. The dentist said she had 4 very small fillings but no action is required as they are really small so she did a scaling and polishing and we left for payment. Total cost:$90.

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