The 4 gals 2 years on...

A year later..

A year before..

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Flowers at Sentosa

Cny we went to Sentosa and see the pretty flowers with Daddy's God mum.

See the pretty flowers

Wow eggs...

Baby Merlion..


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Outfit for CNY

Reunion Dinner

Clothes got wet. Lucky got spare

Day 1 of CNY

Day 2 of CNY


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Chinese New Year Reunion

Chinese New year is also a day with reunions. And this year has been a fruitful one.

Every year we see the family getting larger and larger and it is really nice to see the extended family together again.

Our relatives lately moved into the new house and took the opportunity to house warm their house and visit them in chinese new year.

Remembering the old days when our grandparents were still around...

10 years ago and...

10 years later...

We hope this picture will let our forefathers happy. Happy Chinese New Year!

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Funny tree?

Is it exactly Xmas or Chinese New year? Lolz. It's a 2 in 1 tree!

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Day 5 of HK. Finale

All things come to an end.

Take a last photo at Disneylan hotel.

Go back checkout.

Go try the Disneyland MTR.

Take some photos.

Return the Octopus card

Last goodbyes to disneyland.

Check in Luggage

Bye bye Hong Kong!

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Day 5 of HK- Disney breakfast

Disneyland is not complete without any disney breakfast.

With the disney characters.

And its all worth it.

Qiqi was enjoying her breakfast excited when the disney characters come over.

Pluto hug me!!!

Hi Goofy!

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Day 4 of HK. Disney play time

No words required. Its play time!!!

End of the day! Exhausted....
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Day 4 of HK. Disney Part 1

Finally is the day Alicia long awaits. Disneyland!!! Alicia went there with anticipation, and to accompany the mood,daddy bought a cute minnie hairband for her.

We first reach the main street and decided to take photo with bear.

Dono who is that?? Daddy start to get bored waiting...

What is disneyland without seeing the disney parade. Weeks before the holidays, mummy showed alicia the disney parade and alicia was so looking forward seeing it live.

We sat there waiting...

Chase birds....

Make silly faces.. And finally it reach! Photos are better than words so we shall not say more...




Winnie the pooh



Toy story


Lion king


The Disney Parade Band

I get to be a part of it! Ooh! I miss Disney Parade!

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