Alicia cut hair and visit granny ttsh

奶奶lately been coughing very badly and this 2 weeks been very breathless. So bad that she was admitted to hospital. Luckily 伯伯brot her to hospital while hving weekly dinner,奶奶 is so much better now。 hope she can get discharge soon.

While visiting 奶奶. We went to united square for a haircut, my hair is so messy so daddy and mummy brot me for a new year haircut

Now i walk arnd everyone say i very cute. So happy!!!

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New pose for taking photo.

i hv learn a new pose besides happy face.....


Two!!!!!say two and i will pose "two" aka peace for u to take photo....

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Wonders of my hm vacuum cleaner

Few days ago i was bitten by unknown creatures while i was sleeping.i was so itchy i had to bathe at 4 am and applied a lot of mopiko.
Next day, daddy suck the mattress And this is what daddy manage to suck out with our super ex vacuum cleaner. Yucks!

Now i no longer bitten liao. Hengz sia...

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Happy New Year to All from Alicia's Family

Happy New Year 2010

Rain rain go away!

Happy 2010!everyone! Its a new year again!

Just wana blog something that we rarely do. December period always rain and we forget to bring umbrella.

So instead of getting 2 umbrella to brave thru the rain we got ourselves supercheap ponchos which singaporean hardly wear.

Finding it so rare, so blog in a few pictures.

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