Bon bon... We love you..

Just received news Bon bon passed away just hours ago on 19/08/2011.

I still recall when she was just a little puppy on the first day. She was still so small, white and wobbly... She accompanied me thru my teenage life, marriage and motherhood. Whenever i am at my mil house she accompanied me and play with me and always plead me to sayang her. Although she was not my dog she was part of my life like a loyal friend for 12 years... She became not just a dog.. I was glad alicia get to know her and i hope alicia will not forget the little bon bon when she was young.

This incident reminds me something i forgotten.

Love and hug your close ones like you never before. Treasure them while they are still alive. Talk to them like you never talk to them for a hundred years. For death is sudden and you would not want to regret not giving more when they are still around. If i knoe this day will cm so fast, i will sayang her more and play ball with her once more. For now we are only left with memories. Rest in peace.....

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