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For Alicia, i would walk around the neighbourhood and personally go to the child cares or preschools to check on the place, what she will be able to learn and the enviroment she will be in. Previously for her preschool studies she transferred from PAP to my first skool. Both disappointed me and finally decided to move on to the present preschool The Enrichment Classroom which has a good education syllabus which i see results from her maths and english after 6 months. However their Chinese wasnt strong enough thus i supplement her with tien hsia which now Alicia can recognise many chinese characters. Although all adds up left mummy with no spare cash to spend for herself, the result is all worthwhile.

As she is reaching 4 years old, in 2 years time she will have to prepare Alicia for primary school. After further considering, i decided to try Rulang Pri School. Coincidently we stayed within the 2km zone. Its either we start PV nw for a good school or we just settle her a normal school. Mummy decided to try...

To be their PV sure is nt easy. Every year they only chose 50 and last year there will 300+ PVs. You have to fill up a set of PVs form and answer questions how u can contribute, then at the end of the pv intake will be asked for a interview. Even if u will selected, you might not have a guarantee space. But if we don try, guarantee there wont be a space. End of the day if its not meant to be then we will accept it. At least we know we have tried but if we did get it,I wont expect Alicia to get fly high marks but i know i have provided her at my capabilities the best educational enviroment and its all up to her potential to excel for her future. Wish us luck!! :)

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