Chong Family wishes you Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!




Xmas party at my Home

At 20th December we had a christmas gathering and many of my band frens that sayang me a lot came.

Uncle Makoto cook japanese curry,spaggethi and salad and it was really tasty.

Mummy,Auntie Kiyomi and Yuki came to help him so we can eat asap.

Xiumei,Elisse,Jingsi,Karen Jeijei played with me while daddy,uncle bernard and auntie wendy went to collect the food.
When Dinner is finally served~
San Nao Jin.We wait till 9pm then can start our dinner,by the time we finish JeiJun jei jei also came to join us for the rest of the happy that day!!!
Merry Christmas

Alicia At 16 mths

At 16mths!

I can

-imitate SK2 patting the face whenever the commercial shows

-walk very briskly

-imitate combing my hair

-regconise my popo's nighbour fren as "didi"even though they are older than her

-Says the alphabet A

-when u say I am "meimei" aka pretty when u put something on my hair,I will like it very much.

- I have12 teeth now

- Calls Daddy "DaeDae" and Mummy "Mama" when instructed to call

- My hair is long enuff to be tie up~

This is shirt I can Last another 20 Years~

As I always outgrow my shirt within months, mummy decided to let me wear this. This shirt can last me for 20 years~

i WANA drinking softdrinks~

Hehe..Manage to caught hold a cup of soft drink when no one is seeing.
"Shh ! Dont tell mummy and daddy!"

"Quick! Suck out the coke"

"Ehh! So difficult to suck~"

"NO Water?????????"

" You Guys bluff me!!!!!! NO Water!!!!!"

Mummy Grin" Haha..Of course lar~ Otherwise u thinb u can hold so long~~~"

I Love Mickey "Mao"

Mickey Mouse lately is one of my favorite character. Whenever I saw them I will say "Mao" even though they shd be mouse. Few sunday ago,We went to Changi AirportTerminal 3 and there was this big display of Mickey and Frens and I can help jumping for joy and sticking around just to admire the "meimei" Mickey "Mao"

Imitating Mickey Mouse~

Mummy couldnt even stop me from wandering around and I had a big fight just to go down and walk around to see mickey.
So nice Mickey Mouse sure must take photo with Mummy and Ah Yi~

At 15th Month

At 15th month,

-My molar teeth start to appear
-I say “Mei3 mei3” when I see pretty things
-I say “Mei4 mei4” when I see small children that are gals. Even those older than me are “meimei”..hehe
-I say “Ge3 Ge4” when I see small children that are boys
-I can show “Pa4 Pa4” aka scared scared when I am scared.
-I point to my nose,ears and cheeks and san nao jin when instructed.
-I hug hug daddy or mummy when instructed
-I look at my Xmas tree when mummy or daddy ask “Mei3 mei3” where.
- I learn to squart and kneel down
-I can show “Gong Xi Gong Xi” when prompted. Very important,,,for angpow!

Our new Christmas Tree and Tricycle

This year Xmas marks a special xmas cause daddy,mummy and me had our 1st xmas tree. The theme was red and yellow and we just need to buy a all in 1 pack from carrefour $14.90, a xmas tree $14.90 and the lightings $7.90 and we have our xmas tree. I was so amazed when daddy and mummy took out the tree and the decorations. Finally we fix up the tree

From what u see doesnt seems very appealing cause of mummy camera but when u see the real thing, it looks better. i named the tree "Mei Mei" aka pretty. Whenever its lights up I will say meimei, sometimes daddy and mummy would ask me Meimei where and I would look at that tree. This tree certainly lights up the xmas mood. Now all we need are presents~ Hehe,,

Next mummy gave me my early xmas present which actually supposed to be mine cause using the money from jumperoo to get 1. So I can expect another 2 presents from Daddy and mummy~ Yipee! Christmas is time I get presents!

A small video with my new toy.

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