NDP carnival

We woke up hearing lots of noises and activities and decided to go down and join the NDP carnival. There were so much fun!

Parent Seminar

Occasionally my school would organise seminars and last sat mummy and daddy went to listen and also saw a lot of my artworks and activities at school, just to share with everyone


Lately there is an addition of Balls area at my Chinese class and I had such havoc playing them.

Mummy's Birthday

This year mummy had a wonderful time. Her old time frens treat her for dinner and her family came to celebrate again at our house then Daddy gave a wonderful surprise present which is a IPAD. Mummy is so happy!

Our Guinea Pigs

On July 22, we decided to get a few bigger pets as mummy has always wanted to get a rabbit or a guinea pig. We decided to head to SPCA to adopt to help the abandon animals instead of getting a new one. Over there we will love at first sight with a pair of mummy and daughter and decided to get them.

Present to u our new additions of our pets, Cotton and Picasso and our little hamsters, 花花,草草,B1 to B5.

Performance with Kim Seng

This year is the first time mummy could bring me along and her able to play the performance as Jaclyn jeijei babysit me.
I had so much fun and even get to see my old ex classmate McKayla at toyr us when jeijei brot me shopping. Thanks jei jei babysit me...

Jaclyn jeijei birthday!

It was jaclyn jeijei birthday and we made a cake and treat her for dinner. Can u see my proud creation?

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