Xmas tree 2011

Christmas is coming thus we make the effort to bring out our tree.

Merry christmas!!!

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Big Walk 2011

Its the first time participate in walk event. Dont think we have the staminar to run thus walking should be fun. Besides, this year is walking to USS so it will sure be fun to be able to go in again.

We reach arnd 6.30am and there were so much people.

Well we also told alicia there are too many pple and we cant bring the pram thus Alicia walk the entire Big walk which was applauding.

End of the journey, everyone was just plain exhausted.

And tired.....

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Alicia in Kinect

Alicia really like playing kinect. Its the one thing we whole family enjoys and boy she looks pro playing it...

But problem is its expensive to play at those egame room thus Mummy decided to get the sensor as a xmas present then everyone can start to exercise at home.

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Pretty qiqi

I believe everyone has their own style of dressing up their children and their own set of prettiness of defination. Thats why some like to get this and some like that design. For me, this was the prettiest qiqi at her casual self which i bought the clothes for her. Fyi i hardly need to buy clothes as she got lots of hand down clothes and gifts.

I really like this match. Not too drama but look very sweet and a ballerina liked that she wore this she was so happy dancing around like this on top.

Then she go all posing around with her cute moves.

No need expensive clothes for children. She just look so cute and sweet like this

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Its pizza time again!

Its pizza time again and decided to let qiqi do some diy cooking.

It was actually quite easy and fuss free. Just buy the ingredients and cut them in small pieces, then use ur imagination or preference and mix and match. Here is the end result. Bottom mine, middle qiqi and top is daddy's!

After 10 min of baking, we can enjoy the pizza.


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