I wana sweep the floor!

I wana help mummy sweep the floor and nobody can stop me even if I am half naked!

Alicia at 23 Mth

Jus 2 days ago was Alicia 23mth birthday, Alicia now change a lot.
  • She learn to express her feeling and will say "I dont want or wo bu yao! and bring u to something that she wants"
  • she's 89cm and 1 more cm she needs a ticket!!@!~@
  • her favorite shows now are Hi 5, Barney and Mickey mouse
  • her favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse
  • she can self feed herself
  • take off her own shoes and put back to the right place
  • She is abit starting her terrible 2 stage and we hope she will learn to be a better person and not a spoilt kid and of course we are trying very hard to make sure she dont get too spoilt.
  • One good example is she really like to open the fridge and if she cant open she will lie down and cry out loud.
  • She is also the terror in her childcare playgroup and sometimes when she cant get what she want she will use her hands and beat which worry me a lot. Hope this phase will pass soon. We can only keep reminding her that it is wrong to do that.
  • Her vocab increase esp chinese. Guess she really likes her chinese teacher cause always see them together
  • But overall despite her noti behaviour,I feels that she jus want attention from us as she is really playful and want us to play with her but sometimes our busy schedule after a long day work she cant get our attention as we need to settle other things or too tired to entertain her. For these I feel very bad and hopes to improve better.
So at 23rd mth, mummy tot of buying a small cake to celebrate her birthday mth. She is 23 mth liao..1 more mth she will be 2 year old. I really cant wait.

Now we cant decide if we shd celebrate her birthday privately alone, with a few close friends or open a mini barbecue for her birthday.Sigh.. how leh..mummy still cant decide....

Cake that mummy bake

A little off track.. Before mummy start working decided to bake a cake cause so long nvr bake since she bake with late Uncle Sonny. Overall the cake taste reasonable tasty. A bit sinful cause she use butter cream and its so fattening cause she bot the wrong type of cream and could only rush downstairs supermarket to buy butter and sugar to make butter cream~ I really like the strawberries and peach that i kept eating them till they almost gone.

Just to share~

Army Alicia!

Alicia in Army Training!

"Sernandiri" (At Ease)

"Serdiyah!" (Stand Straight)

New Family Photo

Updated New Family Photo


This month has been a busy month. With 2 weddings to attend,see me in action in both weddings.

姑姑 Wedding

Idling around

Take photos


Wow pretty flowers

Inma JeiJei, Mummy, Daddy and 伯伯


Morning Time

Taking my own photos~

Outside the ballroom idling around

I am in charge of reception!

Taking photos with Ah Yi and mummy

My uncles and aunties photos

Some Happy Photos of me and Daddy

I Love you and mummy very much!
Some photos of me and Daddy at Father's Day!


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