Uncle Sonny we will miss you!

Mummy and Late Uncle Sonny

Just wana commemorate Uncle Sonny who passed away 2 years. He passed away when I was 5 days old and before he left he said he wanted to come and see me but didnt managed to. I believe if he was still alive he would love me dearly like other jeis jeis and kor kors. Uncle Sonny we will remember you!

Bon Bon Bday

HAPPY 10th Birthday Bon Bon

28th August is Bon Bon 10th Bday aka 70th human year birthday and we got a small cake to celebrate for her. So many cakes recently...

While waiting mummy take photos for me~

Serious smile

Thats the cake! Happy Birthday to u! Happy Birthday to you!

And Bon Bon busy eating

Cheeky Qiqi

Alicia's been pretty cute recently. Now she will do happy face and her most recent discovered dancing.... Hmm see to know what she like to do recently

Cheeky Pictures of me driving car!

Daddy borrowed car during my birthday and me and I have to take some photos to show that I am driving. Some cheeky photos to share~

Happy Birthday to my Dearest Qiqi

I am 2 Year old Liao!

Thanks to all the Aunties,Uncles,Kors Kors And Jeis Jeis for all the presents and ang pows.I greatly appreciated them. If ur presents are not in my photo doesnt mean i dont appreciate them. It just mummy forgot to put them together for photo taking until later

Share with u the pictures in the mini BBQ party. Sorry if I didnt play with u..suddenly so many people I scared and I really wana go play at the swimming pool.

Waiting for people to come...Run around~~~

This is my 2 Year old cake. Recently craze with Mickey mouse so mummy brot me a Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake.

Take individual photo with mummy and daddy

Our family photo

Who is that daddy is carrying? is she mei mei? no lar its my fren baby denyse.
Us also taking with my grandparents. Where is my uncle mike? he left so early.

Take with my cousins and mummy frens

Thats Bella JeiJei and Kaiting meimei family aka Auntie Fen Fen and Judy family
Next is my every weekend playmate (KSWS Kor kors and Jei Jeis)

Some photos while chatting around

Share with u guys a video of my Birthday!

Happy Birthday August Babies 07

Mummy joined a August 07 babies Forum since I am inside her stomach and since Aug is coming again where we all turn 2yr old, A 2 yr old gathering for all the August 07 babies was organised! So mummy and daddy brot me over and have some fun.

So many August Babies!

It's me!

Sing Happy Birthday Song!

I got ELMO!!!

Pretty Cupcakes! Mummy wana learn how to make them!

Scratch head~

Hmm...should i say mar?


Paiseh Leh~! Scratch Nose first~

Scratch Head.. Ok Lar! If you wana give me present for my Birthday please dont give me soft toys as I got asthma and my house got 1 cabinet of it. Definitely no jewelery as I dont wear them so dont waste your money on so ex stuff.

Keke.. Ang Pow and vouchers are encouraged then mummy can buy the things that I like but wont force you. If you wana buy toys or clothes or watever for me also can cause its the heart that counts. You dont give me I also wont bear grudges on you so dont worry. Keke...
Paiseh hor... I think (scratch head) very long then decide to say otherwise I think I will leave them in the shelves which I think u also don wan right.

Shy....Lower head... Lastly its so exciting. I'm going to be 2 Year old!

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Mummy!
Mummy wish for 2009.
Alicia will be a healthy girl,free from asthma and be a good girl.

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