Scratch head~

Hmm...should i say mar?


Paiseh Leh~! Scratch Nose first~

Scratch Head.. Ok Lar! If you wana give me present for my Birthday please dont give me soft toys as I got asthma and my house got 1 cabinet of it. Definitely no jewelery as I dont wear them so dont waste your money on so ex stuff.

Keke.. Ang Pow and vouchers are encouraged then mummy can buy the things that I like but wont force you. If you wana buy toys or clothes or watever for me also can cause its the heart that counts. You dont give me I also wont bear grudges on you so dont worry. Keke...
Paiseh hor... I think (scratch head) very long then decide to say otherwise I think I will leave them in the shelves which I think u also don wan right.

Shy....Lower head... Lastly its so exciting. I'm going to be 2 Year old!

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