Fierce alicia

Dont play play!! alicia the mafia!


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Xmas day at 舅舅 house

Today at xmas day we hav a xmas dinner party at 舅舅 house. There was so much food and i gt a xmas present!


Xmas eve with chipmunks

With mummy new iphone, she can easily blog for me within a few minutes... Yeah! Mummy can easily update for me now!

We watch chipmunks during xmas eve and i watch thruout and enjoy a lot...

Here's a few photos with me and xmas tree .

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Merry christmas everyone!!!

Thanks for coming in my blog. Do come in always to see me grow up! Merry christmas!

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Qiqi Report Book for the Year

Its been over half a year Qiqi has attended childcare and now we receive her report book for the year. She has really learn a lot in the childcare and make some frens who take care of her really well.


But the problems lies with childcare easily gets sick and wherever Alicia is sick, mummy and daddy has to take leave to take care of her and as this has greatly affect mummy's and daddy's work performance, not only that, Alicia suffers whenever she caught a disease from the school. For example the lately diarrhoea,she diarrhoead for 1week plus and it takes 2 weeks for her to recover. You cannot imagine how painful she is everyday and her buttock is so sore and now there is still some scars around her buttock.

Lately there was a virus craze of 4 HFMD, and 7 chicken pox cases at her school and still it continues to increase and she was even suspected HFMD and had to stay home for 1 week. Luckily it was a false alarm but this few incidents has greatly lose the ability of having backup caretakers whenever she is sick. Mummy and Daddy has no more leave, mummy's work performance becomes so bad, either the care takers is too weak to take care of her or no longer keen to take care of her as its affecting their daily lives..

There isn't any alternatives for mummy and daddy to choose at all and they can only pray hard every single day she doesn't get infected by these diseases lingering around at her childcare. We can only gamble her health and pray hard she is not the lucky one to get infected.

Mummy and Daddy feels Alicia have already enough pain to go through whenever she falls sick. And she has asthma and every chances of her falling sick leads to a very high chance of an asthma attack. And with no choice, a decision has to be make and is to withdraw her out of school and employ a maid to take care of her. Its a painful decision as we have seen great improvements from Alicia and she truly enjoys going school but without the support of caretakers and risking her health whenever there is an outbreak of disease,this decision has to be make.

Having a maid means more tight spending and withdrawing Alicia out of school as we can no longer afford to pay for her school fees. Current situation we have only so little to spend on ourselves and now with a increasing person we hope we can tight through this period.

Alicia at 27 mth

Time fly so fast. It’s been a year since I blog and ½ a year since Alicia went to Childcare. Indeed Alicia has grown a lot within a year and below I shall update what she have learnt in Childcare and the changes since then.

  • Her usual routine when she is back from home is take off her shoes and go to toilet wash her hands and legs.
  • She can wear her own shoes and socks at the right foot
  • She can self feed and self drink herself
  • Her vocabulary is getting so strong she can understand what we are talking and talk to us in English with 3-4 words
  • She can say 1-10 without assistance
  • She can beat the beat of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • She starts singing
  • She goes to school not crying and put her water bottle at the right place.
  • She draws circle and like to color
  • She like to play with her kitchen set and really imitate washing her spoon and giving mummy and daddy a cup of tea and cooking her food.
  • She can built something out from a lego set...etc

Indeed Childcare makes wonders.....

Busy October and November

Its been a busy and tired october and november for mummy and daddy. This past 1 mth I been sick initially with asthma cough then diarhhoea for almost 2 weeks. Poor me have to be feverish for quite some time and the diarhoea really make my buttock so painful you have no idea how painful it is for me that I have to stand sleeping.Mummy is praying hard I will be ok cause mummy and daddy will be leaving overseas with their band for a musical exchange and if I am sick they will not have the heart to go. Then mummy and daddy also had to prepare for the band preparations to go Japan next Saturday. Its going to be busy thus have no time to update for me. Put in some of the photos taken in November where I took bus and East Coast Park recently.

Auntie Kiyomi and Uncle Kenichi also just went back Japan during november permanatly and we are really going to miss them. Time really fly so fast. It seems like yesterday only when they came over. Time really doesnt spare anyone. Wish them all the best in whatever they do and one day when I grow up we will all go and visit them again!

Vote for me

Hi ALL! Urgent News!~

Daddy just pose in my picture for the Carrefour Most Positive Smile Online Contest.

If you Love me, VOTE ME!!!

I Love my Daddy!

Daddy always tell mummy she never see daddy's effort whenever he takes care of me but in fact mummy does. Now mummy will list out daddy's effort and thank daddy for being such a nice daddy!

- Every morning ,as daddy work later than mummy ,while mummy dress up for work he will change my diapers and dress me up for school.
-He fetch me back and bathe me after school
- Sometimes he will help mummy unpack my bag and top up the water that I need everyday.
-He accompanies me watch tv or play toys while we wait for mummy to be back.
- Whenever mummy needs help,he will try to make the effort to help.

This may be seems little but with everyday doing again and again, it helps mummy a lot and me and mummy deepy appreciate it



Zoo Off we go!

During Hari Raya, mummy book a free pass for 4 person from her company and brought me, daddy, jingsi and xiumei jei jei to the Zoo again. This round I appreciate the animals even better.

Upon seeing them, I will say
-shu3 shu3 (mouse deer)
-rabbit and so much more

It was so much fun with 2 jei jeis, running around, imitating the sound the animals make and at the very end after playing with the water play, I was so exhausted and fall asleep. Share with u the photos..

"Travelling by bus is too slow. I take via crocodile"

"Take photo with the jei jeis"

"Photo Time with daddy and mummy"

"I am being captured by the big box and daddy,mummy! Tiger pounding on us liao. U guys still taking photo"

"Totally concentrated with the elephants"

Wai Gong Birthday!

August and September has so many people's having birthday. Mummy declares the reason why this is so is because November and December are holidays and people go holidays and have the mood to make babies. Hehehe.

Well,Yesterday is Wai Gong 60th Birthday so we all went to Zhou Kitchen Restaurant to celebrate. As usual mummy's craze to design her own cake recently together with daddy, we made a toto cake with random numbers at the side. So it depends on luck on which number u see them.

We start the cake rolling first before hitting on the chinese buffet.

Well in the end, the food was so nice or we are too hungry we forgot to take the photos of the food. Opps. everyone was just hungry especially when the chilli crabs are out.

Me just chase for the ice cream and desserts! Yummy!

Xiumei Jei Jei Bday

Last week we celebrate Xiumei jei jei birthday, she's is one of the jei jei that is very very nice to me. We design the cake for her and I play a part designing too. It was so much fun!


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