Busy October and November

Its been a busy and tired october and november for mummy and daddy. This past 1 mth I been sick initially with asthma cough then diarhhoea for almost 2 weeks. Poor me have to be feverish for quite some time and the diarhoea really make my buttock so painful you have no idea how painful it is for me that I have to stand sleeping.Mummy is praying hard I will be ok cause mummy and daddy will be leaving overseas with their band for a musical exchange and if I am sick they will not have the heart to go. Then mummy and daddy also had to prepare for the band preparations to go Japan next Saturday. Its going to be busy thus have no time to update for me. Put in some of the photos taken in November where I took bus and East Coast Park recently.

Auntie Kiyomi and Uncle Kenichi also just went back Japan during november permanatly and we are really going to miss them. Time really fly so fast. It seems like yesterday only when they came over. Time really doesnt spare anyone. Wish them all the best in whatever they do and one day when I grow up we will all go and visit them again!

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