Really enjoy this playgroup...

1 plus mth ago. Mummy manage to find a free playtrial for me and its the first time I enjoy playing with so many babies. Can u find me out of so many babies?

I really enjoy the song and daddy carry me up and down. After the trial ends, i still dont bear to go home~

I am 14th Month OLD!!!!!

Yipee I AM 14th MONTH OLD!!!

Alicia Goes Swimming~

Share with u some of the photos I took during early this month I went swimming. Thanks to Auntie Yuki for her birthday present I got a bikini wear. Special thanks to Uncle and Auntie Sakai letting us go to their condo and swim and cook curry rice for us~

Mummy and me~

Pose in Auntie Kiyomi's sofa~

Are u looking at me???

My Tweety float~

Papa~ I scared of water.

Why so many people take my pictures???

Uncle Kenichi why are you staring at me??

Wana see my picture when I was 4 mth old swimming??? Time do fly fast right~

i SCOLD Bad Word/

Please do not learn this but I accidentally point it out~

Oh My God~

For this i pull my ear for 3 days and 3 night for scolding with my "M" finger~ Mummy I wont do that again~

Funny Video From Me~

See this video and u will hear my first 3 words that i say. But u will hear my favorite words first "Mao"

I Love Cats!~

Tots from Mummy Post 1

Today I happened to ponder into a blog from a local mum which like any of us stayed in a HDB flat and have a family like me and work in the cramp space of Singapore but the different thing was she had a 8 month old baby who had Trisomy 18.

What is Trisomy 18?
A rare genetic chromosomal disorder that occurs in 1 out of 3000 live births. According to existing literature, 90% of infants do not live past their 1st year.

Seeing her blog her struggles with her baby, accepting many many sudden blows out of the blue and overcoming them one by one and enjoying every single moment with her melts my heart and make me cry. The baby had to struggle with a feeding tube going though her throat just to have her milk and not to say many other insensitive remarks from the public eyes.There was one post that a doctor insensitively comment the baby will have low iq in the future and some others gave negative remarks on her baby. But the word that really prove them wrong is "The fact that she still exists, is important reason enough. "

Like many others, we often take things for granted and compare the people around us and thinking why our kids are slower than the others every single months but right here this baby is struggling her life every single day and the parent can only pray God will give them the chance to see her and be with her as much as possible.

Quote: "Well, we know what really matters: Seeing her smile, seeing her grow, seeing her in the morning the next day."

I sincerly hope the baby can pass her 1 year mark and many more soon to come which miracles do happen in other parts of the world and enjoy every single moment with her parents and loved ones.

I remembered when Alicia was in my tummy during my 5th month pregnancy and I was scheduled to do a triple blood test. My test was 1:125 and the probabilty was very high that I might have a deform baby and wants me to have a amnio test but have a chance of miscarriage to see if its true. My heart was crushed and I could only cry for a few days before straightening my tots out. I could feel Alicia kicking inside me and receiving this news is really unblievable for me. Luckily we straighten things out and I told the doctor even if something happen I would not bear to let go her. I am glad everything is normal for little Alicia when she arrive in this world. I could not thank any furthur that she was well and normal.

After reading her blog, at least for now I learn to treasure Alicia even more as she is healthy and growing every single day with smiles that melt our hearts . People also used to tell me why dont go lose some weight and be more pretty. For now I'm just glad I am born normal and healthy that I can enjoy every single moment of my life to the fullest for there are more unfortunate ones out there that we dont know.

I hope Alicia will understand this one day and be a better person in the future.

Place I always hangout every Sat night~

At most Sat nights, I would normally get to go gaigai and meet those Jei Jeis and Ger Gers who sayang me and play me nice music in a small band call Kim Seng Wind Symphony. They are really nice to me and have seen me grow up week after week and wow

November Last Year

Sentosa Performance Last Year November

Sittiny at my own Chair in the Bandroom taken at Mar 2008. Nobody will snatch cause its my private own in the bandroom (Actually oni I can fit in)

Celebrating Daddy's Bday at May 2008

My Latest photo thanks to elisse jeijei for contributing though its pretty disgusting. Kindly prepare a plastic bag and standby for my actions I recently like to disturb everyone with and feel fun when they say "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek". Never fails everytime and leaves mummy and daddy panic and kept saying "No! No!"

Dig my nose
And try to put in my mouth
Are you saying "Eeeeeek" now?
Mummy no need to buy baby musical instruments for me cause I always get to play real ones. And when I get really blored, the usual place mummy will bring me to distract my attention and pass time is Tiong Bahru Plaza. But as time goes by, I am getting heavier day by day sia~ Must be tiring for mummy to carry me there...

Time fly so fast~1 year has passed~

I learn to say yes!

On 18th October 2008 in a coffeeshop where my usual hangout place in Tiong Bahru coffeeshop, I learnt to knock my head and say YES finally!!! All this while is a NONO from me for everything..

Now mummy will always trick me:

Mummy : " Are you a naughty girl "
Me knock my head violently and indicate YES

Everyone laughs~

At 13 mth, I can~

At 13 months,

I can

  • Walk a few steps unassisted
  • Dance when music is played
  • Fake exercise
  • Recongnise cat and Dog
  • Birds are also cat to me~
  • Feed myself using my hand and fork
  • Open my eyes bigbig when pple say so
  • Show I dont know
  • Call mummy "Mama" and Daddy "Dada"
  • Draw
  • Point the things I want
  • Pan Kiss
  • Shake my head to say No
  • Hold my bottle on my own

Mummy hope I will learn

  • To hug and kiss mummy and daddy
  • Walk unassisted
  • Quit Pacifier
  • Quit my smelly pillow
  • Sleep my own

Mummy and Daddy now teaching me

  • Sleep on my own
  • Walk more stable
  • Hug and Kiss

My First !

Just in case u are wondering how I look like now and before. This is me in 13 months.

This is my first photo when I was borned. Less than an hour arriving earth.

My First Family Photo

Mummy managed to catch my first drawing that I drew.

I feed myself using a fork for the first time when I'm eating papaya.

Admit to Hospital Again

On 7th October 2008, I suddenly felt my nose running again. Mummy noticed it and quickly gave me medicine but after sleeping I felt worse, I felt so phelmy and on the next day I am starting to feel wheezy. Daddy and Mummy was worried for me and took 1/2 day leave and sent me to KK. I somehow became like a regular over there since my first attack in Mar 2008 with Broncolities. We all thought as usual to do the same neb treatment I would recover. Doctor did tell us this is abnormal that i shd see a specialist as Imight have asthma cause I am too frequent. I went to Nai nai (granny) house and I think it didnt improve. By night,I felt so breathless and wheezy that we need to go back KK again. This time the doctor treat me differently, I was given inhaler instead. After trying 2-3 times, it didnt improve and I had to stay in the hospital. I was so scared as the nurses did a lot of check on me and I keep crying. Luckily mummy stay with me at night and poor mummy had to wear the same clothings to training and then come back to see me at night.

This are some of my photos of my stay in KK. Although I kept crying cause I was scared, Daddy and Mummy tried to make me as happy as possible. Thanks also to Nai nai and Po Po who came to help and take care of me and those who came to visit me.

Play with my Toys
Daddy accompanying me to play toy car in KK playground. I love that car very much.

I became the Doraemon baby over at Ward 66.

Better Late than Never!!

Hi I am Alicia. I am already 13 mths old and my mum decided to create a blog for me as there are so many memories mummy wanna record down but as I was a noti fellow was too busy to create one for me. But now mummy decided to start 1 now and slowly fill in the blanks of my little past and my many future. So here goes~ Hope u enjoy my story


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