Admit to Hospital Again

On 7th October 2008, I suddenly felt my nose running again. Mummy noticed it and quickly gave me medicine but after sleeping I felt worse, I felt so phelmy and on the next day I am starting to feel wheezy. Daddy and Mummy was worried for me and took 1/2 day leave and sent me to KK. I somehow became like a regular over there since my first attack in Mar 2008 with Broncolities. We all thought as usual to do the same neb treatment I would recover. Doctor did tell us this is abnormal that i shd see a specialist as Imight have asthma cause I am too frequent. I went to Nai nai (granny) house and I think it didnt improve. By night,I felt so breathless and wheezy that we need to go back KK again. This time the doctor treat me differently, I was given inhaler instead. After trying 2-3 times, it didnt improve and I had to stay in the hospital. I was so scared as the nurses did a lot of check on me and I keep crying. Luckily mummy stay with me at night and poor mummy had to wear the same clothings to training and then come back to see me at night.

This are some of my photos of my stay in KK. Although I kept crying cause I was scared, Daddy and Mummy tried to make me as happy as possible. Thanks also to Nai nai and Po Po who came to help and take care of me and those who came to visit me.

Play with my Toys
Daddy accompanying me to play toy car in KK playground. I love that car very much.

I became the Doraemon baby over at Ward 66.

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