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Today I happened to ponder into a blog from a local mum which like any of us stayed in a HDB flat and have a family like me and work in the cramp space of Singapore but the different thing was she had a 8 month old baby who had Trisomy 18.

What is Trisomy 18?
A rare genetic chromosomal disorder that occurs in 1 out of 3000 live births. According to existing literature, 90% of infants do not live past their 1st year.

Seeing her blog her struggles with her baby, accepting many many sudden blows out of the blue and overcoming them one by one and enjoying every single moment with her melts my heart and make me cry. The baby had to struggle with a feeding tube going though her throat just to have her milk and not to say many other insensitive remarks from the public eyes.There was one post that a doctor insensitively comment the baby will have low iq in the future and some others gave negative remarks on her baby. But the word that really prove them wrong is "The fact that she still exists, is important reason enough. "

Like many others, we often take things for granted and compare the people around us and thinking why our kids are slower than the others every single months but right here this baby is struggling her life every single day and the parent can only pray God will give them the chance to see her and be with her as much as possible.

Quote: "Well, we know what really matters: Seeing her smile, seeing her grow, seeing her in the morning the next day."

I sincerly hope the baby can pass her 1 year mark and many more soon to come which miracles do happen in other parts of the world and enjoy every single moment with her parents and loved ones.

I remembered when Alicia was in my tummy during my 5th month pregnancy and I was scheduled to do a triple blood test. My test was 1:125 and the probabilty was very high that I might have a deform baby and wants me to have a amnio test but have a chance of miscarriage to see if its true. My heart was crushed and I could only cry for a few days before straightening my tots out. I could feel Alicia kicking inside me and receiving this news is really unblievable for me. Luckily we straighten things out and I told the doctor even if something happen I would not bear to let go her. I am glad everything is normal for little Alicia when she arrive in this world. I could not thank any furthur that she was well and normal.

After reading her blog, at least for now I learn to treasure Alicia even more as she is healthy and growing every single day with smiles that melt our hearts . People also used to tell me why dont go lose some weight and be more pretty. For now I'm just glad I am born normal and healthy that I can enjoy every single moment of my life to the fullest for there are more unfortunate ones out there that we dont know.

I hope Alicia will understand this one day and be a better person in the future.

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