Sharing another Meaningful post of Parenthood!

Mummy Post- Just wana share with everyone one of this post in the blog. She is one of the mummies that we used to talk in the forum but I doubt she remembers me anymore cause I hardly go in now. But she has a good Parenthood blog and I wana share with one of the post she wrote.

Every New Year is a new Beginning.

Every New Year is a new Beginning. Thus every year I grow up, mummy will change my Blog template. Presenting my new template~!

Mini Birthday Party

This year my 3 year old we decided not to open a big party. Just a mini celebration so we invited 外公,外婆, 啊姨,舅舅,舅母 and bb candice for a home dinner at hm and we cut cake together.

This my bb cousin candice. Arent we cute together.

Mummy decided this year cake to be Barney since i like watching barney so much. My prev bday i got a hello kitty and mickey mouse clubhouse cake so mummy decided it time to let me have the cake i like. I was so happy that i keep requesting to see my cake. Everyone brot me presents and I was so happy!

Thanks Everyone!

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My Alicia is 3 Years Old now!

Time really fly fast! I recall when she was just 2 Years old and I was thinking the meter at my blog to 3 years is still so far away and puffed 1 year has passed. 1 Year many things has changed. She stopped schooling for almost half a year, we got a maid to take care of her, she becomes so talkative and playful, she is more healthy now, she is more independent and glad to say many of her bad habits like beating people and bad manners has gone away for now. We still keep our fingers crossed that she behave well and grow up to be a useful person. She also have 2 new cousins in this year and she is a big sister now.

I recall the days where she was just a baby and her first day bringing her home was a nightmare as we didnt sleep at all cause she refused to sleep. It was a new experience for me and my hubby,everything was new and we have to learn everything of taking care of her. Many times, there were differences taking care and sometimes we quarrel, it was a challenge for us to take care of her. The usual peaceful and freetime that we used to have are no longer there for us. Time becomes not enough, we sometimes neglect the closeness we used to enjoy. We become tiring and start to quarrel for some things we disagree on. It sours the relationship. However we learn something which always helps. If its not life threatening,sometimes giving in,closing one eye and compromising makes things easier. We are also a parent now, our child is totally dependent on us physically and mentally. If we let go our spouse because of this, end of the day,the one affected is the child. Remember the good points, forget the bad points. Marriage is not just me and you anymore, cause the day u decide to have this baby its about them too.

Giving the child the best may be good but sometimes if we learn to give in to each other, helping each other, taking care of a baby will be a breeze. Lately I have a lot of friends who just turn mummies experiencing this problems, they become frustrated with their partners, or just fed up with parenthood where their children are just infants which I just wana share with them -Many of the experienced mummies always says endure the first year and time will get better ...When time past taking care of them will be easy ad the fun starts to kick in. Now I think back and think its not so bad after all and Alicia was afterall an unforgettable experience I will never forget and regret when she was less than 1 year old.. Now Alicia is still such a joy for us now. I am happy when she is happy. Her smile and happiness will just tell me everything is all worth it!

Every mummies and daddies Endure! Also dont forget your spouse! Think for each other,help each other to make parenthood an enjoyable one~

Thanks Everyone for the Birthday Presents!

Thanks everyone for the birthday presents. I am really happy whenever I receive a birthday present.

2 Presents especially I really like are Mummy and Daddy present.

Daddy bought me a Cat Saving Box. This Saving box is especially very interesting and it also helps me to save. I just jump with joy when I see the cat eat my coin. I just need to place a coin and press the button and the cat comes out and eat my coin. When I see this, I would jump for joy and beg for more coins to put inside.

Mummy bought me a Mickey mouse digital camera which is children friendly. She know nowadays I start to take photos with mummy iphone so she though she could get me a camera so I can snap all my memories into the camera. Now I bring my camera along and start snapping everyone. Would share with my pictures in future posts.

Learning to dance ballet

Mummy and daddy brought me for ballet classes.It was pretty cheap and had a free trial lesson so why not.

We will lucky that Bella jeijei could handover her old clothes to me and i need nt pay the expensive clothes.

I went to the trial class and attend the ballet lesson. There were many kids like me and i was so happy.

I was all attentive of the lesson

End of the lesson, mummy ask me u like dancing and i said YES! I will be back for more. Yipee!

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My first painting

Presenting my first drawing that really can guess what's this.

Its the bean family!

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Ballerina Alicia

While looking for enrichment classes as Alicia is soon turning 3, we went to see Bella jeijei ballet class. Bella jeijei pass down her old ballet clothes if i am goin to join her dance in the ballet class.

We went hm and try and i really like them. I am a ballerina~

But gt to take a trial class to see if i really can dance ballet so we will get inform soon of the trial class.

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Its been a long time~~~

Its been such a long time since mummy blog. She actually wrote 2 entries during lunch time one fine day in her iphone. Unfortunately her current company is situated in a location(Tuas) where 3G is very weak and my 2 entries just dissapear after uploading and I gave up as my lunch time was over.
Her current company was pretty good, the users are pretty nice and time fly fast over there and the best part is if she dont need to do overtime, she can easily reach home before 6pm and play with me. Hopefully things will go great and crossing her fingers every day. Nowadays mummy and daddy brings me more often to fly kite and playground which I can spend time with them. Sometimes I would meet Samuel (my neighbour) and we go cycling and play together..
I am also a big jei jei of my 2 cousins now. Time flies fast. I am now talkative and constantly learning very quickly. Soon I will turn 3 years old, wonder how should I celebrate~ Hmm....

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