Rare Sleeping Position~

Today mummy saw me sleeping in this position and recalls last time when she was a kid, she likes sleeping in this position and "Po Po" always laughs at her where got people sleep like that. Suddenly it stuck her to take this photo, now mummy don sleep like that liao but mummy just wonder are this genes?????? Hehe....

Actually this postion quite nice to sleep lar~ Haha~~~

At 18 Months

Finally I reach 18 months!!! I am so happy and anytime I am ready for Child care! Mummy been waiting for me to reach 18 months since the day I was born cause I can be with Mummy and Daddy every day liao and mummy need not find a job at the city area anymore to fetch me between houses. But we are delaying time child care first cause I can easily catch a virus. So mummy is hoping her savings can tie her through as long as possible and take care me more as much as possible.
Just to update my progress, At 18 Months, I can~
  • Say "Take" and respond to instructions to take.
  • Respond to instructions such as "Do you want to sleep on the bed?", "No ordering mummy around", "Mummy is very tired, be a good gal and go back to sleep", " Go ask "Jei Jei" for "nei nei", " Sit down", "Stand Up"
  • Call "Jie Jie" those who are older than me. Now me calling our temporary maid "Jei Jei"
  • When I see hair accessories, I want mummy to tie for me and I will say "Mei Mei"
  • I am learning to put back things back to the usual position.
  • I love playing "peek a boo"
  • Call "Po Po" when asked .
  • Say "Bird" when I see birds
  • I recently like the "Today" commercial where words type out and I will whisper and mumble words imitating the typing.

Still got a few things I learnt but mummy forget time then update..Hehe...

My First Time for Singapore Flyer!

Recently there was a promotion for 2009 visitors for Singapore Flyer free tickets and Daddy decided to go and queue with his collegues for free tickets. On 21th February 6AM, daddy went off to queue and we leave home at 8am and dont even have time to change my shirt and diapers cause I was still sleeping all the way till City Hall,upon reaching City Hall every shop seems to be closed but its surprising when u reach Flyer there were so many people and Popeye's restaurant was full house at 9am. Daddy said he couldnt get any free tickets as people as kiasu as 20th feb 9.30pm came to queue but at least he managed to get a 20% discount tickets so at least we don make a wasted trip. So off we went to the Flyer at 9.30am.

See those photos we took inside~

Getting Ready into Flyer~

A Video Of Us Inside

Bye bye Flyer ~

I wana go up and sit Flyer~

Kaiting Bday

We went to Kaiting Birthday during "Ren" day at Cheveron. Kaiting like me can walk around liao and we also saw Rikki. Time fly so fast... ever yone is growing up like me liao...walking around.. and soon we will be talking and playing together.....
Here are some pixs..

Collage Photo

Daddy did a collage photo and wan me to show with u guys

HappyCNY (Day 2)

My CNY Day 2 Dressing~ Penguins~~~~

Day 2 with daddy's rental car we went to so many places and forgot to take photos so only manage to take a few... Sorry ok~~~ hehe

Happy CNY (Day 1)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! This if my CNY Day 1 Dress~

We wake up quite early go Nai Nai house for vegetarian breakfast. I was still sleepy but mummy and daddy had to force me to wake up. Stay there thruout the day and night time go meet mummy relatives for dinner and go Jiu Jiu house.

Anyway I was caught in camera,

I manage to find oranges from mummy bag

" So Many~~~ Better put them on the bed~ SO fun~~~~@!!"
" So tired~ Lie at bed play ba...zzzzz....... with the oranges~"

Lastly Mummy and Daddy wana say with me Gong XI Fa Cai!

Happy CNY (Eve of CNY)

Happy CNY To Everyone~! This is my latest family photo

During the day of CNY eve, mummy dressed me up and we went to Popo house for reunion dinner first then go back my home for daddy side reunion dinner. CNY is a festival that ensures u would nt be hungry every day.
Photos at PoPo side

After we had a early dinner, we had to rush home for our second round, this are the photos taken for the second round. Both side have so much food that we couldnt finish but no need to worry cause new year we suppose to "chun" aka leftover also know as the new year "Spring"

Bon Bon
Father Side Family Photo

I was so tired the whole day that I fall asleep.. Nites nites will share with u my other 2 days~

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