My First Time for Singapore Flyer!

Recently there was a promotion for 2009 visitors for Singapore Flyer free tickets and Daddy decided to go and queue with his collegues for free tickets. On 21th February 6AM, daddy went off to queue and we leave home at 8am and dont even have time to change my shirt and diapers cause I was still sleeping all the way till City Hall,upon reaching City Hall every shop seems to be closed but its surprising when u reach Flyer there were so many people and Popeye's restaurant was full house at 9am. Daddy said he couldnt get any free tickets as people as kiasu as 20th feb 9.30pm came to queue but at least he managed to get a 20% discount tickets so at least we don make a wasted trip. So off we went to the Flyer at 9.30am.

See those photos we took inside~

Getting Ready into Flyer~

A Video Of Us Inside

Bye bye Flyer ~

I wana go up and sit Flyer~

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