At 18 Months

Finally I reach 18 months!!! I am so happy and anytime I am ready for Child care! Mummy been waiting for me to reach 18 months since the day I was born cause I can be with Mummy and Daddy every day liao and mummy need not find a job at the city area anymore to fetch me between houses. But we are delaying time child care first cause I can easily catch a virus. So mummy is hoping her savings can tie her through as long as possible and take care me more as much as possible.
Just to update my progress, At 18 Months, I can~
  • Say "Take" and respond to instructions to take.
  • Respond to instructions such as "Do you want to sleep on the bed?", "No ordering mummy around", "Mummy is very tired, be a good gal and go back to sleep", " Go ask "Jei Jei" for "nei nei", " Sit down", "Stand Up"
  • Call "Jie Jie" those who are older than me. Now me calling our temporary maid "Jei Jei"
  • When I see hair accessories, I want mummy to tie for me and I will say "Mei Mei"
  • I am learning to put back things back to the usual position.
  • I love playing "peek a boo"
  • Call "Po Po" when asked .
  • Say "Bird" when I see birds
  • I recently like the "Today" commercial where words type out and I will whisper and mumble words imitating the typing.

Still got a few things I learnt but mummy forget time then update..Hehe...

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