Zoo Off we go!

During Hari Raya, mummy book a free pass for 4 person from her company and brought me, daddy, jingsi and xiumei jei jei to the Zoo again. This round I appreciate the animals even better.

Upon seeing them, I will say
-shu3 shu3 (mouse deer)
-rabbit and so much more

It was so much fun with 2 jei jeis, running around, imitating the sound the animals make and at the very end after playing with the water play, I was so exhausted and fall asleep. Share with u the photos..

"Travelling by bus is too slow. I take via crocodile"

"Take photo with the jei jeis"

"Photo Time with daddy and mummy"

"I am being captured by the big box and daddy,mummy! Tiger pounding on us liao. U guys still taking photo"

"Totally concentrated with the elephants"

Wai Gong Birthday!

August and September has so many people's having birthday. Mummy declares the reason why this is so is because November and December are holidays and people go holidays and have the mood to make babies. Hehehe.

Well,Yesterday is Wai Gong 60th Birthday so we all went to Zhou Kitchen Restaurant to celebrate. As usual mummy's craze to design her own cake recently together with daddy, we made a toto cake with random numbers at the side. So it depends on luck on which number u see them.

We start the cake rolling first before hitting on the chinese buffet.

Well in the end, the food was so nice or we are too hungry we forgot to take the photos of the food. Opps. everyone was just hungry especially when the chilli crabs are out.

Me just chase for the ice cream and desserts! Yummy!

Xiumei Jei Jei Bday

Last week we celebrate Xiumei jei jei birthday, she's is one of the jei jei that is very very nice to me. We design the cake for her and I play a part designing too. It was so much fun!


My First few ARTs

Presenting my first few Art Designs.

Mummy got a surprise when she opened my bag last thursday. All my art and crafts are return to us. Its so interesting to get a pc of art drawn by me, Even if I just contribute a little of it and teacher combine everything for me. Mummy finally understand why other of her collegues like to stick drawings at their desks at work. Mummy got one sticking at her desk too.

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