Alicia funny photos and at 14mth what can she do~

Mummy was browsing some photos and manage to find some funny photos that Daddy made when I was around 6 mths old. JTS with u guys.

U can see I wasnt any smiles...cause daddy was making fun of me~
Mummy and Daddy sold away my most expensive toy. The rainforest jumperoo. Although felt a bit sad and cant bear to sell it away cause it has helped us when mummy and daddy wanted to rest their hand to carry noti me and I really enjoy jumping inside when I was much younger.

But now they decided its time to sell it away cause
1)I do not like it anymore and in fact scared to go in which seems to be traping me eversince I started to have signs of able to cruise around the house.
2) If I'm not inside it collects dusts and now I am not very encourage to breathe much dust.
3) Its occupies the space in the house
4) After selling it, mummy and daddy can get new toys for me which mummy promise to use this money to buy my Christmas present. YIPPEE! New TOYS!
Some improvements of me during this 1 mth.
At 14th Mth, I can:
- Walk much more steadily and roam around the shopping centre mummy and daddy chasing me.
- When taking a taxi, I know where is the credit card sticker cause Mummy always ask "Sticker where" and I will look up.
- Imitate brushing my teeth.
- Shake my butt
- Say "Nei nei" when I want milk.

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