Mummy Shart Part 2- Alicia Birth Story

Tot wanted to share Alicia birth story though now its been 1 year plus but looking back sometimes bring back memories of the day~

Was out Ikea on my own partly to see can get anything for Alicia, take a walk and I was really bored that day. Suddenly out of the blue I felt wet and found I was slightly spotting. Felt between 1/2 hr gt slight cramps. Called Doctor but told me to wait for more intense contractions as sometimes may be fake.
Went out with Mao at night and watch Bourne Ultimatium and on and off felt a little pain but no signal. So went back to bed as usual.
4.40am: Went to toilet and a bit dissapointed no signal of giving birth, Went back to bed.
5am: Suddenly feel stomach pain. Heard a small pop sound. Try changing position as pain was pretty intense. When turning water gush out. Quicky go to toilet and check blood and water at panty. Went to bathe.
5.15am: Called Mao up and he still blur wat happen and quickly went to bathe. Me go update forum since all prepared and waiting for hubby.
6.30am. Reach MT A .
6.45am. CHange and insert enema. Check 2.5cm dilated.
8am. Checked 4cm dilated. Intense pain every 3 min interval. Cant tolerate as was shivering every contractions.
8.30am: Ask for epidural.
9.00am: Insert epidural injection.
10.50am: Contraction at 2min interval but luckily epidural only felt left leg pain oni whenever contraction comes.
11am: 5cm dilated
12.20pm: 9cm dilated. Legs totally numbed and cant move leg at all. Ask to reduce epidural as cant feel a thing below.
1230pm: 10cm dilated. Worst. More numb then usual and told nurse now seems oposite of making me feel contractions. Doctor say stop epidural and told me to push when nurse say push. 1240pm. Push for 6-8 times but oni can push baby a little out.Dono how to push only little sensation to push 1.00pm: Doctor say do Emergency C section. Ask can vacumm or forceps natural but doctor say not possible as baby in a unfavourable position to push out.
1.15pm: Pushed to operation theatre. Contraction super intense but was told cannot push. Felt so wasted. Wait for anaethist to come and pain like hell. Soon he came and everything so blur and they insert me with this and that and I doze off liao.
2.30pm: Baby out. Doctor found baby stuck in the pelvis bone thats why cannot come out. Even C section have to use forceps to take baby out. Can remember must have something was put on my motuh for breathing or wat as I was waken up after they pulled the thing out of me. Couldnt find my baby and the first thing I ask faintly where's my baby?
3.00pm: Push back to ward. So painful but glad baby everything is normal and healthy. Nurse pushed baby to me/ Thats all for my baby Alicia birth story.

Alicia I Love You!

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