Art and Craft

Qiqi really like art and craft. Her teacher even commented she enjoys a lot and make sure she colors and does a good job which others at her age dont. I guess this does have some genes similarity with his dad.

I bought her make some art and craft at nex while we were waiting for daddy. She tolds me the old one at home is spoil already so we need to make another new one.

Her complete work!

Look how happy she is! Noe is pasting proudly at our overflooded fridge with cute magnets and art work...

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Last day of school

For memory purpose, this post came in real late but yet essential that we cannot miss it.

We have left enrichment classroom and on to Agape!
Reason being it has always been straining to pay for everything now and soon auntie's contract is going to end and if we renew her mummy could no longer afford it. Besides that we have to consider next year the timing will change and afterall mummy hopes i can learn more lifeskills too. If mummy wants to put me to a longer timing childcare mummy have to do it now before all the spaces run out.

With me now much stronger, mummy decided to try childcare again so our financial problems will be less straining.

Of course with such a good school, it will be wasted to let it go thus mummy have enrolled for me an additional weekend class to let me continue my phonics class which it will help me gain the skills of reading faster. Cross fingers all work out well!
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3rd Day of School

Its the 3rd Day of school and Alicia is starting to adapt Agape.

She calls the school "Bear School". Although she crys a little here and there, it was still manageble. We are just keeping our fingers cross every single day.

Monday although is a monday blue for us but it seems good for her at school. The curiculam was pretty fun esp there was gym kids for her so to her it was a lot of fun.

When we went to pick her up, she was in all smiles. Hope this goes on and on.

The teacher even tie a scorpion hair style which was cool...

Ok! Time to go home!

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Childcare at Agape

Alicia started her childcare at 1 Dec 2011 at Agape. This is first day of school and alicia woke up earlier than usual.

The children were watching tv and some were having breakfast. The bad part i think about this school is they like to drown the children with tv programs and the whole morning it was almost just tv, national anthem and karaok. It was quite dissapointing that they can do a lot of things instead like morning exercise, read a storybook, talk abt safety, teach children songs and nursery rhymes. They gave me the feeling like they were passing by time with no plan of what they want to do. The teachers can do things halfway and suddenly switch to another activity. It let me remember the days where qiqi was in first skool and i try not to think abt it. I just had to keep telling myself its dec and they have no curriculam to teach the children.

But of course yet it was still not as bad as first skool experience but its just that alicia previous preschool really spoilt the market and they were really good i just cant help comparing. choice..Last year my expectation to the school is education is very important but nw childcarin is also important thus i couldnt be fussy and pick on it. It let me wonder are all childcare like that? I decided to close two eyes...

Of course they arent all that bad.. I personally find the school makes a lot of effort decorating the school making it bright and cheerful. They even have a website for the parents to view what the kids have learnt or doing at school.This was a plus point. They even create a file for all the children with a lot of pictures of the past half year and their progress. This i nv saw it at first skool nor kidzone,

And there are so many fun trips for the children every term which is also a plus point cause i wan alicia to enjoy and love her school. Thus i decided to press on. Hopefully after the transit is over, it will be much better. Press on! Qiqi and mummy!

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