Last day of school

For memory purpose, this post came in real late but yet essential that we cannot miss it.

We have left enrichment classroom and on to Agape!
Reason being it has always been straining to pay for everything now and soon auntie's contract is going to end and if we renew her mummy could no longer afford it. Besides that we have to consider next year the timing will change and afterall mummy hopes i can learn more lifeskills too. If mummy wants to put me to a longer timing childcare mummy have to do it now before all the spaces run out.

With me now much stronger, mummy decided to try childcare again so our financial problems will be less straining.

Of course with such a good school, it will be wasted to let it go thus mummy have enrolled for me an additional weekend class to let me continue my phonics class which it will help me gain the skills of reading faster. Cross fingers all work out well!
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