Qiqi at 20 Mth going to childcare soon

From Mummy~

To my Dearest Alicia, today I wont talk about at 20mths what can u do. Cause U have grown so much every single day that I cant remember or even catch up every single things u are learning each day. Every day is a joy together with u. But it comes a time where I have to let u go and learn more things even though it can be a bit too early. But i think by delaying 2 mths I really have to let u go and learn more things then being with me whole day watching TV and pestering me to bring u go gai gai,feed u with the tasteless porridge and non nutritious breakfast,dinner and u sticking with me with bad habits waking and sleeping so late.

Daddy is also hardworking feeding us both for the past 4 mths that its comes the time our funds are getting dry and mummy needs to go out and help him so to provide u a better place to live in and hopefully when the job is stable u can have a sibling to play with.

Mummy and Daddy has been thinking a lot whether to bring u to childcare and after searching many places, we manage to find one. There are pros and cons putting u in

- Learn to have a good patten including sleeping and waking up early.
- A place to learn more(English and Chinese) and enjoy (can play,learn to sing and dance)
- Nutritious food that u can get during breakfast, Lunch and even tea time.
-Hopefully u can learn to wean off ur smelly pillow and pacifier and learn to go to ur own potty soon and hold ur own cup.
- Not fuss with food and have more variety with choices.
- Learn to share and play with ur friends.

- U are asthmatic and thats what worry me most of putting u in more danger of becoming sick
- U dono how to voice out or express urself should u be bully by the seniors in school
- The child care centre looks pretty old but the rest are all full house or too expensive thus there is no choice.

But after all the decisions and thinking, we decided to let u try and see if its true that all parents would say our child can learn more after going to school. Starting May u will join and play with new friends and mummy will find a job soon. Hope everything will fine and u not being sick and u will learn more and adapt to school life soon.

Me and my car rides collection~!

Ah Yi and me at car ABC Market Cake Shop. Only 20cents thus I cant resist. Mummy only allow me to sit and play ifs really nice to play or 20cents only.

Gek Poh Shoppping Centre Photo Shop 20c only again. I pester mummy 3 times liao wherever we pass by.

Happy Full Month Baby Denyse

Happy Full Month Baby Denyse.I got another friend now~!Where am i??? Guess what??I am next door Auntie Yongzhen's relative house playing toys. So much toys to play with.

Underwater World

While daddy has his car for the last week, we went to Sentosa and see the Waterworld.We were there quite late and didnt manage to see the Dolphin Lagoon.So sad...we went in and saw a lot of fishes and sea creatures.

I was pretty excited to see the fishes everywhere and run around like mad. There was also a kinda conveyor belt to bring us around where we need not walk but I could help running around, which mummy and daddy angry chasing me around. Mummy brot me to the big crab areas where I was very scared of them "Ka Ka!"to irritate me.

So sad that place got only 3 floors and very soon there wasnt much to see and we finally leave.But it was a good experience cause mummy and daddy never seen UnderWaterworld before.

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