Got the letter!

Free from the chickens! So happy for her!

Tipani roll

With the guidance of mummy, i manage to play a few notes while practicing Molly on the shore with the band. It was no bad but the beats will be out.. Keke

East coast Daddy birthday and mothers day

This year is the 2nd year we celebrate our both event at east coast park. It is more meaningful than ex dinners and we can take our tine and enjoy some family time together.

As the new blogger app is unlike previously, all pics are all together. Will find a way to resolve it.

Chicken Pox

Little Alicia got chicken pox. To remember this day just in case one day she ask me "Mummy i got chicken pox before?", at least I do remember its on 1st June 2012.

Of course there were many inconvenience as she cannot go school for 2 weeks. It is also in these times u will know who are the really concerned ones and who are those who want to avoid us as much as possible regardless how close they are. But I do understand how they feel and thus I do not wish to comment much. But I do especially want to comment those who tried to help us as much as possible and I deeply appreciate for their extra efforts.

All the well wishes for Alicia to recover soon and avoid whatever food.

My collegue Eunice who tries to call all the baby sitters she knows, even no babysitter could make it, she made that extra effort to help.

My mother who even tho couldnt help me in the first few days cause of her christian camp, she walked all the way to the clinic to check how was qiqi and after a tedious 5 day camp still willing to takeover to help me with her not so good health and inconvenient leg.

Mao's and my understanding bosses who allow us to take leave after knowing our situation.

Kenneth family even tho in the end they didnt took care qiqi cause qiqi was scared, he wanted to sacrifice his leave and his maid who didnt contract chicken pox before said she didnt mind. His mother even tot of bringing Alicia to her shop and I was really touched but I couldnt be selfish to harm anyone health.

Lastly Jaclyn who I was most touched trying to organise and help me in any way, help me find helpers to take care Alicia and even tot of bringing her to work. Came down to visit her and play with her. This extra effort was difficult to find and I praised for that.

Thank u all!


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