Changes at Home after out of Hosp~

Changes in my home after I'm out of hospital.As doctor am guessing I might have asthma but not confirmed. Daddy and Mummy think it's prevention better than cure. And we can have a cleaner home.

First the table is moved away for me to lie down on a clean area, save myself from a few bumps and more space to walk around.

The curtains in our bedroom was change from curtains to blinds to prevent dust from collecting at home. Daddy had a hard time installing them and was all sweat after when its done.

The most expensive investment was get this Rainbow Vacumm cleaner, You wouldnt wana know the price cause its going to get mummy and daddy sign another 2 years instalment to be the most expensive electrical appliance in the house. But the reason why in the end they decided to invest as besides a vacumm cleaner, its can mop floor, air purifier, suck out the dust from soft toys,mattress which is very imporatant for me that I shd not breathe that much dust.

A typical good example is below. Guess what is this????

Story of this bowl of strange black thingy.
After I was discharge, daddy actually vacumm the sofa with the normal Vacumm cleaner. One week later we use with the Rainbow vacumm cleaner. Take note that the sofa has already been vacummed before but this is the result. A porridge of dust. That is why they decided to get it.
And now I can have a better home to stay and sleep on the sofa with ease.

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