At 15th Month

At 15th month,

-My molar teeth start to appear
-I say “Mei3 mei3” when I see pretty things
-I say “Mei4 mei4” when I see small children that are gals. Even those older than me are “meimei”..hehe
-I say “Ge3 Ge4” when I see small children that are boys
-I can show “Pa4 Pa4” aka scared scared when I am scared.
-I point to my nose,ears and cheeks and san nao jin when instructed.
-I hug hug daddy or mummy when instructed
-I look at my Xmas tree when mummy or daddy ask “Mei3 mei3” where.
- I learn to squart and kneel down
-I can show “Gong Xi Gong Xi” when prompted. Very important,,,for angpow!

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