Day 3 HK trip

We woke up a little earlier today for some famous dianxin at Tien Hao Yun.

Googled around about this dim sum which is pretty famous and Took the MTR and walk quite a distance before reaching.

Reached finally and this is how i visualise Hong Kong..

The junction streets..

This is how they pay their parking fee.

Waited for 45minutes and finally our turn.

Ordered a few dim sum. Too many pics so forget about it to post in this post.

Qiqi playing with her spoon as she doesnt really fancy dim sum. Overall it was yummy but I was hoping to be more traditional something like the Red Star restaurant where they push the trolley around.

Anyways we went to Wong Ta sin after that and pray.

Qiqi also wana pray to the Gods!

The temple..

After that we had to the famous MongKok for some shopping.

It is so crowded! And Fun!

Walk until our legs breaking..and decided to rest in macdonalds.

After all the shopping we decided to go back hotel. But we didnt forget something we wanted to try and head around to find.

Roast Goose!!!!! It was yummy!
And finally pack off for the next day. Disneyland!!!! Dead tired..

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