Birth Story of Andre Chong En Kiat

On the Sunday morning 05 Jan 2014, mummy woke up noticing her water bag broke. At 35 weeks pregnant only there were chances Andre is premature and has complications. Worrying for the cost, we decided the best is to go to KK hospital instead of TMC in case the cost goes expensive.

Mummy was told baby has to be out within 48 hours and check in the hospital for observation. Mummy had 2 super painful jabs that will mature Andre lungs that is comparable to birth pain. The birth plan was to try naturally for 24 hours and if no news to go for csection on 2nd day to buy more time for Andre.

On around 06 Jan 2014 1plus am, mummy begin to feel contractions at around 10 mins apart and begin to proceed to delivery ward. At 11 am plus the pain was so bad so crazy that mummy decided to get epidural as after so long as she was only 4cm dilated. Finally around 5 plus pm Andre was born naturally with no complications.
We are so happy he is all well and healthy.

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