Hospitalised Again

Sigh! I am hospitalised again. Doctor are very angry that I do not take care my body and get sick every month.

For here, I appeal even if I struggle that I want.

If you love me,


-feed me citrus or cold fruits,cold drinks

-feed me with chocolates,junk food,sweets, biscuits or fried food

-feed me anything that is cooling that will cause me to cough

-feed me anything that can cause me to have phelgm.
i may seems pitiful that I cant enjoy all these but if it can prevent me from having another attack, it will be more beneficial to miss those things.

-if you are having running nose or coughing, pls stay away from me cause once I got infected,my asthma attack will come.

-stay away if u are smoking

Mummy and daddy really hope that I can recover and get out from asthma soon. Doctor says that everytime I have a attack will increase the chance of hurting my lungs thus more prone to have asthma for life.Everyday puffing me with a preventer,mummy and daddy really feel bad for me. I wana be a healthy and active girl so if I dont recover soon from asthma duing my childhood years,it may end up for life.

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