Short Malysia Trip

During the May Labour Day, we went to Johor for shopping. Initially wanted to go to KL but due to most of the coach tickets are sold out and worried I cant take the stand the coach long hours, we change our plan to stay in Johor and go for shopping. Well, we went to Plaza Pelangi, Pelangi Leisure Mall, Holiday Plaza, Aeon Bukit Indah, nearby Kota raya and Citysquare.

We had japanese food on the first day and it was really cheap.1/2 price of what we usually eat at Singapore and they taste great. Daddy and Mummy also brot me swimming in the hotel pool and we had lots of fun.

I had to pester Mummy the toy car rides as they were pretty cheap and fanciful moving up and down. They are my favorites.

Finally, mummy and daddy were hungry after a long day and rest to have food.

And after the whole day I knock myself out and fall asleep in the cushion of the restaurant. Sleepyz.....

Will be going to school tomorrow 050509. Tomoro is my Gugu birthday and Bella JeiJei Bday. Hereby wish them a happy birthday.

All my Jei Jei and Kor Kors pray hard I can adapt to the place. I'm going to miss rotting at home with mummy but no choice have to go out and learn something and mummy did to find a job for my milk powder liao. Will update u my first day of school

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