Alicia School Day 2

Today is not so good for Alicia. All was well actually, she had her breaskfast at school,woke up early and more alert then yesterdae cause now she can sleep at 10pm liao instead of last time 12am. Only when she went to Assembly, I had to leave her and she dont want and cry. Poor Alicia. Teacher suggest I should leave cause if she sees me she wants me. I went out and peep and true enough the teachers try to distract her and she back to ok self.

The outdoor activities was the best for Alicia. She loves the outdoor activity and once she goes out the sucking tutu Alicia with her smelly pillow is back to her normal self running around. Seeing her bac to her happy self, I decided can go back home. Guess tomoro must try to cheat her and leave asap when she dont see me.

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