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To me, a good education means very important to me. I strongly believe a good teacher which can motivate you will encourage u to study better. I personally encounter very good teachers in the past where they motivate me to learn better and love the subject. Thus I emphasize a lot on giving the best I can to Alicia even if it means sacrificing my own pocket money or even savings to provide her a better education.

Last time when she was with kidzone, my emphasis to the childcare was she enjoy staying in there and feel happy. No stress as she was too young to understand thus a happy place to be in is my concern. Indeed the teachers over there are caring and she like her friends over there but the expense of her constantly sick lead us to withdrawing out for a year. She stayed home during her nursery 1 days.

When she hits 3 years old there were subjects where she is old enuff to attend so we enrol her to phonics. Over there she is exposed to Letterland where she masters all the phonics sounds in 3 months. This makes me realise her potential to absorb like a sponge right now with the right teaching and opportunity, she can learn them like a flash.

Its very encouraging to me whenever i see results coming from her that the effort of putting her a good school is worthwhile. Not necessary a branded school but one which can attract her and teach her well.
When 2011 draws near her time to return back to school is important as her potential to absorb daily will help her to learn more. We as parents are so tempted to put her to letterland school which she can learn more over there but its even more expensive than a full time childcare thus we decided to put her to P*P which was the initial plan 1/2 year ago.

As a parent, i often like to observe how a teacher teach, whether she can capture one's attention and motivate them to remember. Sometimes those good ones will also teach me how to teach her at home thus helping her to remember better. Going to her P*P for the first 2 days gave me a rough idea how the teacher will teach.

The children was buried with toys without any schedule or plan what to do next. The teachers speaks broken english language u wont expect in a school but more like from a conversation chit chat. There isnt any plans what to do that few days although the timetable was properly scheduled. This prompt me to find another preschool for her, I cannot accept a teacher teaching her like some auntie where I can teach better than her. Sorry to be rude but imagine that bad! Coincidently 1st school call me that a two year waiting list finally reach my turn. Imagine how lucky we felt coincidently at this timing. We decided to enrol her bac to a CC. Qiqi stayed at P*P for 2 months, during her last months for no reasons she started to hate going to P*P, and says she hate the teacher. So we put a sound recorder inside her bag and found that they did not follow the timetable and they will playing for an entire 1 hour which I was pretty pissed for not teaching.Next we found that she was in a malay class which prompt us to terminate her notice period immediately. Reason why she could be inside was she was serving her notice period and the rest of the chinese children has moved to morning sessipn. Till now,she have phobia of the word P*P and school.

Next at 1st school, our first day was dissapointing once more. Alicia nursery 2 has a capacity of 36 students. Although it is said to be 3 teachers taking care, many of the times there will only 2 teachers, the CC is like a market. Constantly the teachers have to shout at students for doing other things as I felt there were too many children to take care. The kids have to rotate the class to different parts and the kids will loose concentration and do other things or go other corners. And when sometimes the crowd is too big, they gave up and dont bother and carry on the lesson. Looking closely at their timetable, they are very pro thematic learning which they have very little exposure to the alphabets or numbers which is essential in pri 1. When they r suppose to learn the alphabets, the teacher ended up singing songs which leave me wondering the only time they have to learn the important stuffs they will singing songs, the curriculam was worse than kidzone.

On the very day, she had some fish allergy and the remarks from the form teacher was they cant do much as there is fish 2-3 x a week and she wont be able to avoid. She wasnt even interested to try to help me think of an alternate solution which leaves me very dissapointed with the school. 2nd day of school, qiqi came bac with swollen eyes and she was ask to go home. We suspect could be she cried in the morning unable to wake up or due to a fish allergy but they cant accept her till we get clearance from a doctor.It was very dissapointing experience that we terminate on the 3rd day and didnt return.

Ok.... Will continue on the next post on our final decision for her final school.... Which everyone is happy with it and can foresee to stay on for some time....

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