When Alicia was little she didnt had much breastmilk due to my lack of knowledge on breastfeeding. This round I decided I have to try my very best to feed Andre at least for 6 months.

I even invested on a Medela freestyle even it was consider very expensive. Cause if u count the Math now. 1 can of FM is $50 that only last 1 week. If i feed for 3 month i would have already save $600 which I get back the $. My last experience with a manual pump was a nightmare so I dont wana squeeze like mad again this round.

The first few days was pretty depressing. I kept trying to direct latch but eventually Andre still got Jaundice. He was already drinking 20ml but I had only 5ml after squeezing. But determine to give him the best. I kept pumping and pumping and it starts to increase.
When didi come back from hospital i had  50ml.
On good days sometime we get to have a little.more than usual thus able to keep a bit pf stock.
I didnt had the fortunate to have twice the amount of what other people have and able to give milk spa but am just glad i have enough for Andre. Hope when I go back to work there will be enough to last till at least 6 months old.

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